Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Post #8: Shape Up and Look Good

Shape Up and Look Good
     Summer is right around the corner and all of us women are thinking: my bikini bod isn't ready yet! Not to worry ladies. Its time to enjoy spring and switch from the gym to the great outdoors. Run by the beach or your nearest park either with friends or solo to clear the mind... and do it all in your new sneakers. Over the years workout attire has become a fashion statement for multiple tasks in our busy lives. Outfits have become chic and many brands have created outfits for any workout or occasion. By investing in new shoes it will motivate you to wear them, workout, and look good while doing it. There are soooo many types of fashionable and creative work out shoes on the market these days. You can create your very own personalized ID shoe by Nike, get an extra easy push with Reebok or sketchers shape ups, or go for the classic running or hiking shoe. Here are some of my absolute favorite sneakers that are affordable and summer cute!! Good luck in your new hot workouts ladies:)
     <3 Jenna


Skecher Kardashian Collection
Women's Shape-ups - Kinetix Response S R T Training Shoes: $100.00
SKECHERS Shape-ups Kinetix Response SRT training shoes can do the tri-fecta!!
1. Tone your muscles 2. Promote healthy weight loss 3. Make it easy to get in shape! With a variety of fun colors to choose from. For the busy women who wants to work out while running around town.
Nike Air Pegasus +27
(NIKEid available)

These Nike shoes are the perfect comfortable and durable running shoe. Either for on the treadmill or on the cement outdoors. Light weight and easy to clean. And guess what? The air Pegasus is available to customize using the Nike id! Create your very own shoes choosing from a variety of colors, fabrics and materials. Be Yourself!!
Reebok Zig Fuel - Women's: $99.99

Feel the shoe with the energy boost. The first ZigTech shoe built for running, allows key leg muscles to do less, so you can do more! Its sole technology maximizes energy for a soft and springy ride. It’s like an energy drink for your feet :)

Asics: Gel- DS Sky Speed
Asics is a classic brand that has worked with athletes and teams all around the world. This training running shoe will never let you down, its comfortable, durable and breathable for those hot summer days.

Pair with:
lulu Lemon run crop: $86.00
  Champion USA tank: $18.00   
  lulu Lemon Stride brushed Jacket:   $118.00

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