Monday, March 28, 2011

Post #7: So Very Edgy!

Fashion Designers have successfully found another way to make wedges and heels extremely EDGY... literally and physically. If your looking for a great pair of shoes that will attract the likes of fashion lovers as well as architects, then sulk into a pair of architectural heels. Sharp angles, hollow spaces, and geometric shapes are only a few of the different design techniques applied to the creation of these fun shoes. The wedges have been made into an architectural shoe form with the use of cut-outs of the straps and the actual wedge. The booties or pumps that have regular heels take on a different architectural form by adding bulk to the skinny heel. Chunks of material such as lucite have been added to look similar to an iceberg or a raw crystal while blocks and other geometric shapes give the other shoes a Lego or Tetris look.

How cool are these?! These John Galliano wedges in particular stand out to me because of two particular reasons. First... I have never seen a shoe structured like this! The hollow interior with the gap in the arch of the foot makes the foot appear like its floating. Secondly, I love the mix of the colors and playfulness of the pattern that compliments the effect of a futuristic shoe.
Are these shoes modern? VERY. Are they practical? Probably not. Below shows how Jeffrey Campbell that have dipped their feet into the architectural trend but have managed to keep them wearable. 

Top and Bottom: Balenciaga $999

The fact that these heels are so out of the ordinary and borderline unconventional, not many celebrities are bold enough put a pair on, but we have to admit that those who have tried definitely rocked the look! 

Lady Gaga, like always, is never afraid to break out of the ordinary. She takes a risk by walking the red carpet in these sky-high heels that barely have any support considering the steep angles of the platform.

Seeing how designers can take a basic shoe and re-structure the whole form is amazing. This shows how there are absolutely no rules in fashion and nothing is impossible. 

- Christina Ocampo

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