Friday, February 11, 2011

Post #2: Kill-her Heels!

Who doesn't love a fierce pair of heels that scream DON'T MESS WITH ME! Fashion can never get enough of pieces with embellishments, embellishments, and even more embellishments but here is a trend with serious heavy duty metal. Guns, brass knuckles, and spikes... who would have thought these weapons could become fashion statements?! Our innovative designers today are having fun creating gorgeous heels that can make the phrase "Looks can kill" almost literal. Of course we are all lovers not fighters so feast your eyes on these amazing shoes that will kill any girl with jealousy ;)

With the value of the metal and the workmanship it takes to create these shoes, you can guess they are not cheap. Here are a couple styles that are each very unique yet almost fall within the same price range.
Louis Goldin for Topshop $300

Dsquared $1,100

Ruthie Davis $1,395
Christian Louboutin $1,995

You don't have to be a rocker chick to rock heels with studs, spikes, and leather. Celebrities have found a way to mix them into their wardrobe to create a "pretty punk" outfit. Whether it's about wearing spiked heels with fun flirty dresses during the day or even a cocktail dress at night, this trend has definitely become a bold fashion statement. 

Versatility is what fashion is all about so never be afraid to mix up your style and bring out your wild side!

- Christina Ocampo

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